Founded in 1994, New Waamo Services Provider (NSP) Company Ltd is a Premier Integrated Service Provider registered and licensed in Puntland State of Somalia. NSP started its business from a humble background of running cafeteria for fine food, bakery, restaurant, grocery to providing professional integrated services in Puntland once serving in the name of Xalwo Kismayo (Kismayo Confectionery).

NSP Vision is to develop a stable, reliable and sustainable business and to become the preferred integrated service provider to the local and international clients throughout Somalia/Puntland, Africa and the Middle East.

The mission of NSP® is to serve you by providing affordable, custom-tailored, elite, and well-trained security professionals on:

Our brand’s reputation and competitive edge in the private security sector in Puntland/Somalia are profoundly vested in our inherent expertise, our most important asset – our people – and our quest for excellence and our capacity to continuously employ and retain the best quality and high-caliber, well trained and reliable human resources and as such provide the best security escort and guarding services that exceed client expectations and create peace of mind in one of the most dangerous and hostile environments to work and operate in the world – Somalia.

NSP specializes in the provision of security services, solutions, catering, gardening, generator operations, office cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance services to reputed international, local, private and public sector institutions and agencies in the entire Puntland State of Somalia.

NSP leads the private security industry in Puntland/Somalia by example with the intrinsic value of a comprehensive risks assessment as the basis on which to design and develop cost-risk-commensurate security system, and effective comprehensive mitigation measures and service levels second to none. Your safety and security are our primary concern –

Our Moto – “Your Success is Our Success Indeed!”

Headquartered in Garowe, NSP offers a range of the following outsourcing integrated services blended with innovative and cost-effective bespoke solutions to our customers:

  • Specialized Outsourced Security Guarding Services
  • Specialized Outsourced Security Escort Services
  • Security System and Technology
  • Permanent Security
  • Temporary Security
  • Business and Corporate Security Guards
  • Residential and Events Security Guards
  • Vehicle Escort and Patrol Security Services
  • Institutional Catering
  • Conference Catering
  • Housekeeping
  • Office Cleaning
  • Garden Management
  • Guesthouse Management & Maintenance

Our core clients include:

  • Hospitality and Leisure Industries – Hotels, Guesthouses, Real Estate
  • Wholesale and Retail Industries
  • Utility and construction industries
  • International Humanitarian Organisations

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